Ministry Of General Education

The main objective of Sudan' s educational system is to prepare the youngsters for effective participation in socio economic and political life. Prolonging citizen's productive life span and cost effectiveness were taken into consideration. The educational system is structured as follows:
A-Basic Education Lever:
1-Preschoorl Education: (kindergartens) for two years starting at the age of 4 years.
2-Basic Education: lasts for 8 consecutive years starting at the age of 6 years. It targets children. at the age of 6-13 years to be prepared for sitting for the basic Education Certificate exams and qualify for admission to secondary schools or the labor market.
B-Secondary Education Level:
This includes two types of education:
1. Academic Secondary Education:
Academic education. which extends for three years at the end of which the students sit for the Sudan Certificate Exam and compete to join higher education, universities and higher institutes both academic and technical. because the content has been developed and widened to give more choices for candidates.
2. Technical Secondary Education: Duration for three years leading to the Secondary School Certificate, which qualifies candidates to compete for joining universities and higher education or the force of labor. It comprises four types: commercial, industrial, agricultural, and women studies.
c- Parallel Education: Hereby we draw your attention to the fact that there are other types of government schools and institutes that do not included in hierarchic of general education, and each of this education institutes have its own syllabus according to its objectives and needs, these institutes are:
1. Religious institutes
2. Vocational institutes
3. National industries institutes
4 Vocational training centers
Some of these institutes are not under direct supervision of the general Ministry of Education (such as vocational training centers which are the responsibility of the Ministry of Public Service and administrative reform) and some of its students compete to join certain higher education institutes.
It is to be noted that the former teachers training institutes have been transformed into faculties of education associated with universities, in their respective areas, granting their graduates bachelor's degree in education (for the basic education level) المزيد

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